Having spent many years creating and supporting Windows software solutions, Peak Software Solutions Ltd is pleased to bring this expertise to High Peak. We are committed to improving your home/business operations. We will work with you personally in analysing, designing and implementing the solutions.

Costs are much lower than using a corporate software house

Running costs of large premises, long distance travelling expenses and the need for large profits to satisfy multiple shareholders simply do not exist

Often the biggest money savings for small businesses are achieved by relatively small solutions. For example, would you save time and money by having:
-customer records, orders and invoices linked into one process
-instant reports for stock control, accounting Could you generate repeat business with:
-automatic reminders to existing customers (eg. car due for MOT, Service)


Data migration
-exporting data (eg from database, spreadsheet)
-data cleansing
-data transformations
-importing data into databases
Reduced rates for domestic software services
-virus removal and repair
-installation of software and/or peripherals
-wireless and wired network configuration
-operating system upgrades
-basic training in use of PC, software (eg.Word, Excel), programming

We provide a free, no obligation, initial consultation (up to 1 hour)

We will analyse your current business processes
- identify areas that can be improved or automated (eg. orders to invoices)